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Matt. Good morning, Sarah How are you?
Sarah. Good, how are you Matt?
Matt. I´m great, thanks.
Matt. Hello, I´m Matt Lenski.
Sarah. Hi, I´m Emily Kim nice to me you
Matt. Nice to meet you tooCOMPLETE THE CONVERSATIONS
1.-Hello. I´m Carlos.
Hi, nice to meet you. I am Valeria
Nice to meet you too
2. - Hi, Diego. How are you?
I´m great. How are you?
Good, thanks

Emily. Good nightMatt. Good night, have a good evening.
Emily. Thank you, you too
Sarah. Bye, see you tomorrow
Matt. Bye, see you

1. - Bye. Have a good evening
You too. Good night.
2. - Hi, how are youGood, thanks
3. - Bye. See you later
Bye. See you next week
4. - Hey, Oscar!
Hi, how are you?
5. - Good Bye. Have a nice day
Thanks, you too

1. - What´syour teacher´s name?
b. It´s Ms. Gordino
2. – what´s your first name?
a. Rachel
3. - What´s your e-mail address?
d. It´s
4. - What´s your phone number?
e.646-555-39075.-What´s your last name?
My last name Yoshida
First name: Jackie

Middle name: L
Last name: GREENE
Phone number: 6075553904
E-mail address: PL34008
Librarycard number:
First name: JON
Middle initial: T
Last name: NICOLS
Phone number: 3795552864
E-mail address: J-THOMAS@CUP.COM
Library card number:7243807

1.- Carlos: Hi, sorryI´m late
How are you?
Juan: Pretty good
How are you?
Carlos: good
Carlos: Bye. See you
Juan: Bye
2.- Martha: Good morning, Mrs. Garcia
How are you?
Mrs. Garcia: I´m fine
How are you?Martha: I´m fine
Thank you
Martha: Good bye
Mrs. Garcia: Good Bye

Peter Baker is from Manchester, but Paul and John are from London.Manchester and London are cities in England. Hamburg is a city in Germany. Sandra is at school today. Jack and peter are her friends.
They are in the same class. Mr. and Mrs. Baker are on a trip to the...
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