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Immunity From Disease, continued

Reinforcement and Study Guide
Section 39.2 Defense Against Infectious Diseases

In your textbook, read about theinnate immune system.
Determine if the statement is true. If it is not, rewrite the italicized part to make it true.
1. Healthy skin is a good defense against the invasion of pathogens because it is freeof bacteria.

a physical barrier that prevents the entry of pathogens into the body

2. In your trachea, saliva traps microbes and prevents them from entering your lungs.

3. Macrophagesmigrate into the bloodstream when the body is challenged by a pathogen.

out of body tissues and into infected areas
4. Phagocytes at the site of an infection or inflammation destroy pathogens bysurrounding and engulf-

true ing them. ____________________________________________________________

5. The third line of defense against infection is the consumption ofpathogens by neutrophils.

monocytes that mature to become macrophages
6. Interferon is produced by cells infected by pathogenic bacteria.
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viruses In your textbook, read about acquired immunity.
Circle the letter of the choice that best completes the statement.
7. The human lymphatic system is important in a.filtering pathogens from lymph. c. resistance to disease. 8. Tissue fluid is found a. in lymph vessels. c. around body cells. 9. The main function of lymph nodes is to a. store red blood cells. c. filterexcess fluid. b. keeping body fluids constant. d. all of the above. b. in the bloodstream. d. in lymph ducts. b. filter lymph. d. trigger an immune response.

10. A reservoir for lymphocytes that canbe transformed into specific disease-fighting cells is the a. thymus gland. b. thyroid gland. c. pituitary gland. d. pancreas.


CHAPTER 39 BIOLOGY: The Dynamics of Life

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