Brave new world

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“Brave New World” Coursework
2. You are an Alpha Plus living in the World State. Write a letter to Mustapha Mond in which you outline your views that the price paid for stability in the WorldState is far too high. Use chapter XVII-XVIII as the basis for your argument.

Dear Mr. Mond

My name is Frank Helmholtz; I am an Alpha Plus who is living in the World State. I am writing to youtoday with the purpose of remarking some of the extremely high costs the society living in the world state has to pay day by day in order to comply with the slogan ‘Community, Identity and Stability’you have implemented. You may think it is rare for someone who is living in the world state to complain about this, but the fact that I am an Alpha Plus and that my intelligence is superior, made merealize that this society deserves better standards of living and reality must not be hidden from us.
Although I have hundreds of identical brothers, I consider my self rather unique. I feel that Ido not belong to this world; that I should be in another place. I believe that I have a great potential and that I could learn much more, but all this is restricted by the society. We, Alphas, haveno time to stop for a while and think. We can’t develop our own ideas; we cannot show to the society as a whole how much we know and what we are capable of.
In my opinion, you should not hideculture, religion and history away from this society. I think these subjects are essential for the knowledge of the population. Everyone deserves to know their history, the background of societyalthough they affect stability. You have replaced all religious practice by Fordship to encourage consumption, to avoid chaos and depression in the world state. I believe that if we had religion, people inthe world state wouldn’t be as degraded as they are now a day. Taking soma to evade misery and sadness is not the correct thing to do. I consider that these traditions you have established in the...
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