Bristol murder book reviw

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Philip Prowse
This story takes place at Bristol and Bridgwater which were the places where the principal characters of this book passed all the time but we are also going tofind cities like Tewkesbury and Manchester.
• Peter Jones:
Peter Jones is one of the principal characters of this book, a man of twenty-two years old who lives in the 103 Mill Road atBridgwater. He worked for a company called Universal Transport Limited, driving lorries with goods in them from Bridgwater to Bristol, London, Birminghan and Manchester.
He started one day working,transporting some goods to Manchester when he toke a boy who needed a lift to wherever the lorry driver went. Peter helped this boy (John) to find out who the person who killed his uncle was.
• JohnStevens:
John Stevens is a boy of sixteen years old who lived in Bristol with his uncle Mr. Stevens. He was medium height, thin, with brown eyes and brown hair. He lived with his uncle because hisparents were dead. He hated to lived with him because he always was hitting him, but one day when they had a big argument, John decided to answer the hit and when he noticed that Mr. Steven was lyingin the floor, he ran out and hitch-hicks Peter who helps John to find out who had killed his uncle because he hadn’t killed him but the police was looking for him because they thought that he had.
•Jeff Beck:
Jeff Beck is a very good childhood friend of Peter. He is 24 years old and he worked in his cabaret club all the nights at 12 Victoria Street in Manchester. He stole cars with Peter whenthey were young but he was sent to prison for three months. He helps Peter to find out who is the killer telling him the direction of a friend of him who could help him in the research.
• Bob Steel:He is middle-age man, short, with red hair and a small red beard. Nothing is known about his childhood. He has no job. He sells information to the police about robberies and people who steal. He is...
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