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Type of Request
Product Design Assessment (PDA) – Section A, B & D
PDA Revalidation – Section A, B7 & D
Duplicate PDA – Section A, B7, C & D
ABS Type Approval – Section A, B, C & D

A.Original Equipment Designer or Manufacturer’s (OEM) Contact Information: It is the responsibility of the OEM to keep the below contact information current. The contact information can be updated bycontacting the ABS Type Approval Program staff at
1. OEM Company (Legal) Name:      
Street Address:      
City:       State:      
Country:       Zip Code:     
Phone No.:       Fax No.:      
Email address (General):      
Email address (OEM’s representative):      

B. Product Design Assessment (PDA) Information: The ABSTechnical Office you contact will advise you of the ABS Rules that apply to the product. The contacts for the ABS Technical Offices can be found at ABS will base its designevaluation for inclusion in the Type Approval Program on ABS Rules & Guides and the codes and standards that you specify for inclusion in the PDA. Please ensure that appropriate supporting documentation isincluded in your submittal to facilitate the design evaluation process.
2. Product Name:      
The Product name must be chosen from the Product Name List found on the ABS Type Approval website,, to ensure conformity throughout the ABS Type Approval Program.
3. Model Number:      
4. Model Description: Please attach a separate sheet or a product brochure. A direct linkto the information can be included on your Type Approval website listing.
5. Intended Service:      
6. Please specify Standards that you want to be associated with the product:
( ABS ismandatory
7. Existing PDA Certificate Number (n/a if new):      
C. Manufacturing Assessment Information: To be considered for Type Approval a...
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