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The business that we pretend to carry out is a new concept of Ecological Hotel because it will be located in a former flooded town where today only the church and one neighbour lives.

Our aim is to construct a hotel that respect the environment and where no damage product will be use but also and no less important, our customer quality service will be one of the moreemphasized aspects.

The participation of the team will be really active, first doing a complete business plan and then, taking care of the day by day activities during the three first years.
The total cost of the investment will arise around 5 million €. The team is willing to invest 1 million that represent 20% of the total amount.


The ecological hotel will have acapacity of 15 double rooms and a common room oriented to big groups and young people.
The infrastructure will be quite complete because our concept includes:

• Traditional, organic and regionalist restaurant.
• Reading and relaxing room.
• Games room.
• The dormitories.
• A Pub.
• A recycled products shop.

The materials that we will need in order to rebuild andadapt the current edification will be natural, ( Stone, Wood, Non toxic glues, slate…).
According with this point we pretend to start a non-profitable program that will consist on engage local, young or people involve in environmental groups who will help us with the rebuilding process.
This system will allow us:

• Saving costs.
• Achieve our objective of increase the Town’s life.• Start the Marketing strategy.

The “workers”, after finishing the jobs will enjoy the Hotel for a cheaper price and they will become partners. This situation will allow them to receive the future profits.

The whole reconstruction will respect the town degraded environment as a result of the spate caused by the dam. The construction will trigger off the former habitant coming back and willgive our customers the perfect environmental context.

Following with the building process we are going to implant all environmental friendly advances related to: Air, Light, Water and Electricity.

Air: There is not such a problem because the air that you breath in this area is pure.

Light: There is a large number of measures that an ecological hotel must implement and it play a mainrole because statistics show that light expenditures are around 40 % of hotel energy total cost.
We will accomplish a throughout analysis with one major objective: Adjust or fix the right amount of light used depending on the Hotel sector. It is not necessary the same illumination in the hall than in the kitchen or in the restaurant.
We would like to stand out that a right lighting level andlight colour helps the customer to reach the desirable comfort.

Electricity: Our aim is to obtain the whole needed capacity from alternative sources, mainly solar and eolic, nonetheless we are aware that it’s a hard goal. These alternative sources are described as follows:
Solar Energy: It’s a completely clean source that would provide us an outstanding amount of energy.
We will use the moretechnologic advanced condesers in order to explode the whole saving of solar energy.

Eolic: Studies related to this source of energy must be carried out yet, but we are pretty optimistic about it feasibility.

Hydroelectric: Undoubtedly we got a hydropower station only 500 metres far from our hotel and if we can’t reach enough capacity from the above sources we will appeal it.

Theelectric capacity needed will be less than a “normal” Hotel one because we are going to introduce improvements that will allow us spend less energy. Some of these improvements are:

Reflectors: They Reduce the need of light because with a right reflectors allocation you get the same illumination than using more lamps and consequently more energy. Also simple ideas like, big windows will contribute...
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