Business considerations

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Occupational health & safety responsibilities
As a owner:
According to Section 8(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000( OHS Act 2000) states that as anemployer you ‘must ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all the employees and clients/customers.

I must provide:
safe premises
safe equipment
safe systems of work
systems to ensurelicenses are up to date and valid
provision of information, instruction, training
supervision to avoid any injury or accident
suitable and safety working environment and facilities, withoutany kind of violence or discrimination.

I have to organize regular staff meetings to discuss OH&S issues.
Having a maintenance log of all equipment.
Establishing a good relationship with clientsand workers.

Duty of care
As a service provider, my duty of care for occupational health and safety is to provide a safe working environment for my staff and clients.

Considerations will include:・ I will need to make sure that employees and clients aware of their duty of care;
・ That there is correct warning signs on equipment,
・ That employees and customers are wearing appropriateclothing and footwear.
・ That there is correct safety instructions and warnings are given to customers so they don't hurt themselves.
・ There is security cameras not only to detect negligentcustomers, but also to cover ourselves against false accusations of neglect of duty of care.
・ That machines are checked daily for correct operation.
・ I must provide proper safety induction for staff andtrain staff to look out for any potential risks with customers as they are using the gym and working out in general, safely.

Business Risk Analysis and Management.

that my business could face:
・Unexpected changes in revenue and costs from those budgeted.
・ Unexpected equipment malfunction, and associated down time and repair costs.
・ Decreasing amount of clients for economic or weather...
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