But / although / so

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But / Although
Use but and although to show contrast. Although can be used at the beginning of the sentence


Juan studied all night. Hedidn't pass the test. (There is contrast)

Juan studied all night but he didn't pass the test.
Although Juan studied all night, he didn't pass thetest.

- I went to the party but didn't dance.
- Although it was very cold, we had a great time.
- My father went to the supermarket but it wasclosed.


It is used to express result. (so: entonces, por ende, por lo tanto)

I was tired so I went to bed.
My favorite soccer team was playingbad so they lost.
I couldn't sleep so I took some pills.
There wasn't any food so we went out to eat.

We use these to express a reason.We use because before a clause (a sentence subject verb and complement).

I went to sleep because I was tired.

so, because, but,although
Choose the correct answer.
1 I was hungry [pic]I ate a sandwich.[pic]
2 He's tired [pic]he went to bed late.[pic]
3 We missed the bus [pic]wewalked home.[pic]
4 [pic]it was cold, we went swimming.[pic]
5 It's a sad film [pic]I like it.[pic]
6 I left the party [pic]it was boring
1 I enjoyedthe book [pic]it had a bad ending.[pic]
2 I didn't go out [pic]I wanted to watch TV.[pic]
3 She's got a lot of homework [pic]she's staying in.[pic]
4[pic]he's got a car, he never drives to work.[pic]
5 I'm learning French [pic]I want to live in Paris.[pic]
6 He went to Jane's house [pic]she was out.
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