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C6416/C6713 DSK One-Day Workshop Instructors Guide and Checklist
Revision 3.2 Released August, 2005 This document updated: September 9, 2005

Following is a checklist for the C6000 1-day instructors that can be used to help prepare for the workshop and deal with any problems that arise.

Preparing Yourself to Teach
1. Go through all of the material and become familiar with theinformation on the slides AND the Student Notes. Summarize for yourself the key points for each chapter and slide. In the C6000 workshop, we have added a great deal of text to the student notes. In this way, the material can be used by you during preparation, and referenced by customers when they take the materials home. 2. Do all the labs – follow every step. Familiarize yourself with commonissues, problems, and questions that can occur during the labs. 3. Practice the demo (at least) twice. It is much more difficult to give a clean demonstration than to monitor students doing a lab. So, make sure you are fully prepared to go thru all of the necessary steps. 4. Create at least one Master One-Day Installation CD (as a backup). More than one, if you will have to install the workshop labfiles on your own (in that way, you can get multiple installations going concurrently). The master CD contains the following files for the C6000 One-Day Workshop: • • • • PDF of the student guide (just in case YOU need to print extra copies) Lab installation (.exe) file PPT files (in case you need to present from a classroom PC) Miscellaneous tools, including WinAmp (just in case there’s no audioplayer on the PCs)

Performance Standards and Support - C6416/C6713 DSK One-Day Workshops

6000 - 1

C6416/C6713 DSK One-Day Workshops

One or Two Weeks Prior to the Workshop

One or Two Weeks Prior to the Workshop
1. Contact Cindy Jones (or, as a backup Beth Rea or Kim Rutherford) to ensure that the following items will be shipped to the workshop location: • • • • • • • DSK’s ordered bystudents (C6416 or C6713) C6416 DSK’s for students not purchasing a DSK Stereo patch cords (1/8” 2.5mm male-to-male) Earbud headphones OR speakers Markers, flip chart, whiteboard, DLP projector One computer per two students plus and instructor machine (or you can use your laptop) Find out when the student guides will be shipped to the workshop location and who are they being shipped to?

2.Check with Cindy (Beth or Kim) on the following arrangements: • • Verify the classroom location has been reserved for the day of instruction, PLUS the afternoon prior to the workshop (to allow you setup time). Determine the food arrangements: coffee, donuts, lunch, and afternoon snack?

3. Make sure you know where the classroom is located. If you live or work nearby and haven’t visited the locationbefore, it may be good to stop by and check it out. 4. Make a pair of CD-ROMs: C6000 CCS3.1 DSK Tools (Includes both DSKC6713 and DSKC6416 drivers.) One-Day Workshops Master Installation CD-ROM (get this from the TTO website at http://tto.sc.ti.com). In fact, you may want to make multiple copies of these two CD-ROMs. In this way, when it comes time to setup the one-day workshop, you can getmultiple PC’s setup concurrently. 5. If you have never installed the software required for the C6000 One-Day Workshop, find a computer and follow the software installation steps described under “Setting up the Workshop”.

6000 - 2

Performance Standards and Support - C6416/C6713 DSK One-Day Workshops

Setting Up the Workshop (day beforehand)

C6416/C6713 DSK One-Day Workshops

Setting Up theWorkshop (day beforehand)
We recommend you arrive at the workshop location the afternoon before the workshop if possible. If something is missing, it is much easier to react a day ahead of time. (In many cases, you can have the items FedEx’d to you overnight.) If you can’t setup a day ahead of time, then make sure you arrive in the room at least an hour before the workshop begins (more than an...
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