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The story begins from Isabella Marie Swan, a teenager of seventeen years after the marriage of his mother with a baseball player, decides to move to Washington, hometo Charlie, his father. Since then, she not only establish new ties of friendship but live amazing experiences.

During his first day of school, Bella was surprised to seefive students who, unlike the other students, are beautiful, pale, and keep away from everyone.

One of them, Edward, who is more intrigued by the newcomer, especially when hesaved, thanks to his strength and speed, die crushed by a car.

Over the day, data collection and the association of clues that led her to suspect the existence of an unusualfeature in these individuals, Bella concludes that Edward is a vampire.

Despite this reality, the two begin an affair and was invited by Edward Bella to meet his family andhave fun with a day of pure baseball, a sport they enjoy especially on stormy days. However, while the game is listed James, Laurent and Victoria, three vampires that will endangerthe life of Bella.
Whether that threat, she flees the village, but soon realizes that could not get rid of James, who tries but fails to kill its mission by the actions ofEdward and his family.
Days later, Bella wakes up in a hospital and go with her to her mother and Edward. Although he recognizes that the best thing for her is that both distancethemselves, they both know that the love that unites generates neither can live separately from the other.
we can highlight in this movie are great values such as love, respect,loyalty, affection, patience and truth...
that are very important in the life of any person even a vampire if merged with the movie.
Camila Cantillo Vargas – Isaura Del Real 10A
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