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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Racism PSA Editorial
Racism is one of the biggest problems in the world at this time. People got to understand that it’s impossible to have only 1 raze in the world, and the just don’t want to. Anexample of one of these misunderstandings is the Kluklux Klan, this clan has been fighting against Blacks, Jews, Catholics, immigrants and many other groups since 1866 were the first group was formed;there was a point with this clan when it had 6,000,000 people in this racist movement. During the history of this clan there has been about 200,000 homicides of Blacks, Jews, Catholics, etc. this is aviolation of rights and laws, besides what kind of person kills people for being from a different raze, culture, religion, etc.
At these days racism persist where people from a different raze arenot seen as people who have a family, or friends, or even a personal life. Sometimes when people see another person from a different raze the think that person doesn’t fit in. Even sometime people cometo that person and they start hitting him and abusing him just cause he is from a different raze. A great example about this are the L.A riots, which was caused by some units from the police thatarrested 2 black man, and just cause they were black they started to hit hem really hard and left the 2 men in the streets. The next day another black man and came over and asked “What happened to you?”the 2 men answered that the police did that to them the man reacted and started a revolt, this caused the whole state to go crazy and burn most of the city down. L.A cannot suffer one of thosedisasters again because it will cost a lot!
About 5,665 people suicide because of racism today. Most of the people that attempt suicide because of racism are in high school. These teenagers normally suicidecause of bulling. Bullies tempt to discriminate or insult constantly people from different races, and after insulting their race they beat them up. Most of schools are trying to handle this...
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