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IMENSIONS feed motors

This article describes the criteria for the design of an output intended for powering an electric motor, as well as recommendations for proper implementation.Development:
In principle, it should clarify that size a circuit basically involves determining the drivers section thereof, and rated current, the associated protective devices.
In themost general case, for the design of electrical conductors must consider the steps listed below:
• Define the nominal voltage cable.
• Determine the current project.
· Choose the type of driverand installation methods.
• Determine the section by the criterion of "current carrying capacity."
• Check the section by the criterion of "short-circuit current."
• Check the section by thecriterion of "voltage drop."
• Verify compliance with the minimum requirements sections.
The background detail of the methodology for calculation, see the article "Sizing drivers" that integratesthis series.
In particular, the calculation of branch feeder driving force is similar to that at any online branch, so it will be necessary to know the rated current (obtained from the engine power andvoltage) and the length of travel drivers. Determine the drivers section at rated current and checked in particular that the voltage drop is within the values prescribed by the regulations, inaddition to other conditions specified in the table above.
Furthermore, all electrical installations should be provided with a series of protections that make it safe, both from the point of view of theirdrivers and appliances, as goods and people will relate to it.
There are several types of protections that can cause an electrical installation is fully protected against any failure or abnormaloperation, but three to be used in any kind of low voltage installation:
1) Short Circuit Protection: Fuses and circuit breakers.
2) Overload Protection: Fuses, thermal relays and circuit...
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