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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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Helium 3 Could Revolutionalize the World
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Imagine a world that is not dependent on petroleum and fossil fuels, a world which has taken a giant leap forward towards space colonization.

Although this mayseem like an impossibility, this utopia is getting closer to becoming a reality and I welcome it with open arms.

Currently The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space ColonizationTechnical Committee is developing plans to have a moon base established as early as 2015 according to a position statement on

Aside from the obvious interest of lunar colonization, arare type of Helium called Helium 3 could be mined from the surface of the moon and then transferred by shuttlecraft to Earth.

H3 is what powers our Sun. Particles of the element are pushed off fromthe sun and then bombarded by cosmic rays which knock neutrons out of the Helium particles. The particles then combine, forming H3.

The benefits of H3 are unquestionable. The compound can be used asafer fuel for nuclear reactors.

But unfortunately there are only small amounts of H3 on Earth. There is enough to be studied but not be utilized.

The Earth-bound H3 burns up in the atmosphere,where as the moon has no atmosphere and is therefore literally coated with the compound. The reason we would want to harness the power of H3 is due to its incredibly low rate of radioactivity.

Thedangers of a nuclear fusion reactor would be reduced to only minor threats according to H3 will not wear down nuclear reactors as fast as Uranium, therefore reducing the costneeded to replace the reactors.

The ability to colonize the moon and reduce the use of our depleting fossil fuels is an invaluable resource. As long as our Sun exists we would never run out of H3....