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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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Canada after 9/11
The events of September 11th, 2001 undoubtedly represented a turning-point in history, transforming the landscape of global security, none more than borders and immigration. Interms of the flow of people and related security issues at their common border, the United States and Canada share common interests and commitments. In the wake of the terrible events, North America,both Canada and the United States, have revisited their immigration policies.
The first signs of increased protection after September 11th came quickly, in December 2001, with the Smart BorderDeclaration. Its intention was to enhance the security of their shared border while facilitating the legitimate flow of people and goods, but the first aspect was clearly the priority. A key feature of thisdeclaration was a commitment to implement common biometric standards and technology; which would make Canadian identification easier to process at the border. These involved having an individual’sphysical characteristics, such as facial features and fingerprints, encoded digitally for measurement. Then in December 2003, there was a new permanent resident card called NEXUS in Canada. This systemallowed the ease access for pre-approved low risk travelers which were enhanced with Biometric technology too. Another important element of the Smart Border Declaration was the Safe Third CountryAgreement; this was an agreement between the governments of Canada and the United States to better manage the flow of refugee claimants at the shared land border. Canada and the US have also established, aspart of the Smart Border Declaration, the Passenger Information Sharing System. This allows the two nations to share information about airline travelers, including a calculated risk score; and theJoint Passenger Analysis Units, which would screen passengers in advance, using a standard Canadian/American framework.
Another policy established after September 11th was The Security and Prosperity...
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