Canto de amor

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(November 29, 1563)
Zana is geographically located within the coordinates 6° 50´ 30´´, of of West Longitude at a height of 75meters above sea level. Is 45 km from the city of Chiclayo, 4 km from Cayalti and 50 km. of Oyotún. The urban extension of Zana is 470 thousand squaremeters. With an extension to the North - West of 100 thousand square meters Zaña fed by the river.

Spanish settlement in the valley they founded the townSantiago de Miraflores "Zaña”. They delete the letter "P" then later the Spanish themselves were accustomed to calling the whole region “party oh Zaña” or“Zana Province” So the Documents recorded colony as healthy people with "S".

On this date Zaña dresses gala to celebrate their party central, which isorganized by the Municipality, in these days of celebrating the people and especially the visitor hmay enjoy a series of exhibition events such as gaithorse, plays cock, mini-soccer championships, volleyball, besides enjoying the traditional dishes that are sold in different awnings, also performed theclassic folk serenade in which one can appreciate the talents of local artists who are happy with their music night and dance Negroid.

In Zana there arecustoms to celebrate the feast with: serenades, masses, roe, choice of Queens, fireworks, horse steps kinkanas, dances, torchlight parades, etc. well zanerhave the custom of celebrating the feast of His People. Also there ere are other ways to celebrate as the feast of Santo Toribio, the feast of San Isidro
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