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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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Fuel Economy and Environment

D e l p h i

C a n i s t e r s

Delphi helps OEMs meet tougher emission, fuel

economy, and performance requirements with products developed with an unmatchedunderstanding of complete engine management systems. As part of that system expertise, Delphi offers an extensive portfolio of canisters to help manufacturers meet evolving evaporative criteria andfit changing vehicle design platforms. Delphi is a leading canister manufacturer, producing more than 7 million units annually.
Description – Delphi Canisters are designed to

help preventevaporative emissions that occur from fuel storage and delivery in the vehicles from escaping to the environment. Gasoline vapors and condensed liquid from the fuel tank enter the canister through the tanktube, and hydrocarbon molecules are attracted to and stored on the surfaces of the canister’s carbon bed through adsorption. To purge these vapors from the canister carbon bed, a manifold vacuum drawsfresh air through the carbon, pulling hydrocarbon vapors into the intake manifold for combustion. Delphi can help customers worldwide select the proper canister design, depending on emissionregulation, application, and durability requirements. Inside the canister, the activated carbon pack provides different levels of working capacity, depending on engine requirements and fuel tank size. Toallow OEMs to meet global emission regulations, Delphi’s canister design and construction offer carbon packs in a variety of adsorption activity levels.
Typical Application – A vapor canister is partof

meet a range of emission standards worldwide, including Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), Korean Low Emission Vehicle (KLEV), Low Emission Vehicle (LEV II), and Partial Zero EvaporativeEmission (PZEV) standards. Delphi has a broad canister portfolio for the industry. If an existing canister does not meet a specific need, Delphi’s experience and expertise can help develop an optimal...
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