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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2011
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Cárnicas Jambrina SL was founded in 1945 and from that date its activity has been focused on the food sector.

Name: Cárnicas Jambrina SL
Commercial name: Jambrina el adobo de León
Social address: Calle San Agustin 5, - B - 24001 León (León)
Corporate e-mail:
Telephonenumber: +34 987 231 060
Fax number: +34 987 246 138

Activity information:
Activity: wholesale trade for meat, products and meat elaborate derivatives, eggs, birds and hunting.
CNAE (National Qualification of Economic Activities) 2009: Meat wholesale
International activity: no recorded.

Financial information:
Sales last year: 967.298,13 € (year 2009)
Results of last year: 4.818,83 € (year2009)
Total asset: 740.026,35 € (year 2009)
Number of employees: 10 (year 2010)

Legal information:
Legal status of the company: limited liability company
Date of constitution: 21/07/1980
Quote on Stock Exchange: No

Shareholders and members:

1. Antonio Jambrina: President of the Board of Directors.
2. Emilio Jambrina: Business Development and Production Department Director.3. José Antonio Jambrina: Administration and Finance Department Director.



When the company was settled, the vision of the founders was to create a meat company which was able to come together the concepts of tradition and mass production. The company’s strategy is based over these two concepts

Tradition is maintained respecting scrupulously the old elaboration formulasof the delicious meat products from León: excellent meat, traditional spices, best quality of paprika and cayenne pepper, handmade elaboration process and, over all, a huge respect for our customers and their quality of life.

But tradition is not fallen out with modernity. New demands, coming from the market, have given rise to the appearance of new technologies which make possible moreappropriate process in order to the fact that the products reach to the customers in the best coolness conditions, taste and healthy conditions. In our company the investment in technology is a strategic compromise. We feel aware of the concept that technology is a lever that promote the quality of the products and decrease the costs to obtain them.

The advantage we offer to our customers answers theobjective of “High quality products at the lowest price”.


Being consistent with the beginnings of the company, which are the base of the strategy itself, they have let us reach a solid position in the market we are taking part in.
We have achieved the consolidations of the brand by fulfilling the following principles: well harboured products, elaborated with a meticulous craftworkand presenting in an attractive and stunning form.

To all these principles, we add a huge respect for our customer’s business. The results have been loyal customers who have let us placed our products in the best establishments of the country and the possibility of the daily entry home of lots of families.

We can ensure with proud and gratitude to all our customers that Jambrina is anoutstanding in the meat industry.


This present leave us solid arguments in order to develop a more committed company with our customers and its progress. In order to achieve that, we have started an ambitious project of expansion. This project is about building a new elaboration plant which will let us carry out the challenges of the demanding food market.
Challenges focused on ahealthier and more well-balanced diet. That is the reason why Jambrina is doing a big investment in new installations, research and development. The main goal is to design and elaborate meat products of quality, fast preparations and appetizing at eating.

That is why we continue betting for our slogan: “Tradition of future”.

Cárnicas Jambrina belongs to the “thermal...
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