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Controversial Issues
The fast growth of the bottled water industry led observers to ask: "How much water is mineral water, is there some combination of minerals, and some mineral content that makes water better than another?"
Water manufacturers chose to ignore this question. This did not satisfy a number of state health officials, and June 1979 there was some concern that the industry wouldlead to legislation.
* California has already set new standards for mineral water, which was a relabeling.
* New York and was considering forcing some bottlers to label their product with a notice saying that drinking large amounts of water could be harmful.
* New Jersey, Michigan and Maine were waiting to issue new regulations.
The controversy lay in the vague definition ofmineral water.
* California officials maintained that "it must contain certain characteristics different from those of tap water because they are paying a premium price." Stated that beverages labeled "mineral water" must contain at least 500 ppm of dissolved solids.
* Maine officials were horrified to these figures, claiming that the maximum level for bottled water set by the Food and DrugAdministration and that they would not recommend that people drink water if it contained so much.
8 of the 25 waters tested did not meet the standards of California and its bottlers are instructed to remove the word "mineral" on their labels by the end of the year. Poland Spring was one of these companies.
Schott: We've been known as mineral water since 1909 and we are not prepared to spendhundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees by a relatively insignificant issue that we consider.
* Their concern is that each state chooses to define the term differently, making it the things even more difficult for us to do business nationally
* Most companies began to comply with the standards, recognizing that the relabeling was not expensive for a state and that very few consumers areworried that the word "mineral" on the label.
* Approximately 25 manufacturers joined in July 1979 to form the "Council of Natural Waters" to ask the FDA and the Federation of Trade Commission to standardize the national standard for bottled water.
The result of taste tests of bottled waters that made Craig Claiborne, food editor of The New York Times and some friends, which included avariety of bottled waters and domestic and imported soda Canada Dry Club Soda in these tests. Canada Dry finished in the top of two lists of "tasters" and never down the number three in the other three lists. The company was even more confused when California required the relabeling their drink as "mineral water." Seeing a potential opportunity there, in August 1979, a number of manufacturers werefilling store shelves with soft relabeled as mineral water.
The History of Poland Spring
In 1794, Jabez Ricker was established in Poland Spring, Maine and opened a hotel that eventually became the most famous hotel in New England. By 1837, his grandson Hiram had been completely taken over the business. Hiram Ricker suffered from dyspepsia. The pressure to manage the hotel contributed to ill healthand when the business began to decline with the introduction of railways, his condition worsened further. In the spring of 1844, concerned about the poor economic situation with his ill health, Hiram began to roam the field and sat in a meadow, remained in that place for eight days. The only thing that held it was the spring water. On the eighth day he returned home trembling, even thinner andpaler, but with a big appetite, an appetite he had not felt in years. As time passed, his health improved. His doctor asked a sample of water for other patients. Like all patients who drank fully recovered, the doctor decided to buy it for medicinal purposes. Doctors in Boston, New York and Philadelphia were prescribing the water. (In fact, in 1909 the American Medical Association recommended water...
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