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1. What were the keys for success for Starbucks in building the brand?  What were its brand values?  What were their sources of equity?
• Quality: the finest whole-beancoffee ground in home only purchased Arabica Beans selected network of suppliers across the globe.
• Partnership with the coffee brewing equipment suppliers who provided products that capture ofcoffee brewing tradition.
• Loyal customers, capture de business of Seattle’s coffee lovers.
• A coffee house concept, elegance and tradition.
• Constant reinventation
• Employeescontributed to the development of the mission
• Training
2. How would you evaluate Starbucks' growth strategy?  Are there things you would do differently?  How would you evaluate its partnerships(e.g., with United Airlines)?  How do you know whether it is a “good” or “bad” partnership?
Join-Ventures and partnership is the only way that Starbucks manage, they only enter into partnershipwith companies who maintained the same commitments to quality to respect integrity of the brand.
It is important the image of quality, investment in extensive word of mouth publicity campaigns3. What does it take to make a world-class global brand?  Can Starbucks become one?  What hurdles must they overcome?  In terms of the American market, what do you see as Starbucks’ biggest challenges?Success was due in large part to recognition “a really good cup of coffee”, Starbucks could reward customers with a rich sensory experience by appealing to a five senses, enriching environmentthat is comfortable and accessible, stylish and elegant.
4. Evaluate Starbucks’ move into non-coffee areas like credit cards, music, and film. Are these natural extensions of the Starbucks brand, orhas the company gone too far in creating a “lifestyle” brand? Where should Starbucks go next?
Starbucks right know, represent not only a coffee place, represents a hole brand of products, tazo...
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