China big dilemma

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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The case talks about how big companies in China have a lot of problems with the new technics for technology because they don’t focused in theelements to create innovation in the system and other countries do it. In view of the development of innovation management theory, it is clear thatinnovation management needs a totally new paradigm to improve innovation performance and some companies stay in the same way and don’t want tochange and innovate.
The author talks about the method of Haier that is make interview to people that is familiarized with the area of innovationtechnics and later make a data collection to analyst the results of the interview and make some reading and test to see if the product or the ideais correct.

Haier reputation is growing very fast and with big steps around the world making a lot of money anywhere they invest and put someproducts. Haier is ranked number 1 of the list, far exceeding that of other top firms on the list. Comparing with the base-line revenue of theworld’s top 500 enterprises, $10 billion, Haier’s performance is approaching this impressive target.
I think the main idea of the case is that if acompany is committing so many resources to the tried and true, they have little to spend on the new and innovative and the largest corporationsstand too much to lose if they propose a project and it fail, where as a smaller organization does not have this problem and can take more chances.
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