Ciclo de la comunicación

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Diagram of cycle


Communication is a key part of our life. There are many different methods of communication. The communication cycle is a structure that we use at all times. An effectivemessage is good communication. We plan, design and make a good presentation. To have good communication we know about the cycle of communication.

The communication cycle is divided into stages.The first stage of the cycle is the goal, we're going to say and we want that person understands the message. Since we have this in mind, we must take into account social and other influences that canchange the information. The second stage is the encoding at this stage we need to know in what language they say things and how to say. Then goes the transmission stage, we must be capases tocommunicate properly and know what the correct time. At the stage of receiving the things one should think three times faster than we speak, and so we find it easier to get the thoughts and we must avoiddistractions. Then there is the stage of the decoding, that is the opposite of encoding. If properly then transmit the communication we send a message capases cash. The sender is responsible for themessage. The last step is to address. The receiver has the opportunity to ask any questions and the sender can see that the person understood the message correctly.

Communication is very importanttoday. Thanks to this we can communicate with each other. In the world there are different languages and this makes us different, but certainly not going to stop communicating. There are many ways tounderstand, although we speak different. And we must take into account the stages of communication. Cycle that is very important for all our processes in all we do. Always find a way to communicate, whichwe use throughout our lives.

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