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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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The Story Of The Tape
The following is an actual account of my experiences as of recently. Because of the nature of what has happened I must remain anonymous until I feel it is safe to reveal my real name, but for now you can refer to me as James Richards. 
On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me.  I came into the possession of a cassettetape containing a Beatles album that was never released. In fact, not only was it never released but it was recorded many years after they broke up (and no I'm not talking about Klaatu).
 Now this is where the story becomes slightly more unbelievable and it is almost embarrassing to attempt to explain the incident to you for fear of viewing me as completely absurd. I must assure you, I am notinsane or on drugs, and hopefully the audio from this tape will be enough proof that there is more than we think out there...
  I live in Livermore California but on Sept 9 I was driving home from Turlock after visiting a friend for a few days. I had my dog with me and I didn't have any plans for the day so I decided to take a drive through a place called Del Puerto Canyon just west of Turlock.There is a scenic road that is a fun drive and actually goes through to Livermore. I hadn't taken a cruise through it for a while so I thought i would take this way home. It was about 2pm.
A ways into the canyon my dog starting acting like she needed to use the restroom. So I pulled over to the first available parking area to the side of the road and let her out while I stretched. At first Ididn't notice, but then I heard the barking from 30 yards dog was chasing a rabbit. Now my dog is a pretty good dog but if she is chasing something then there is no stopping her so the only thing I could do was become part of the chase. 
They already had about a 40 yard head start so I had to really book it. The uneven ground and soft dirt patches made it difficult to run and it wasn'tvery far into the chase I had stepped in a rabbit hole, fell and knocked myself unconscious. 
When I woke up I was in a room with some furniture and electronics in it. I was taken care of with a bandage on my head but I still felt uneasy about the situation because where I fell and hit my head was in a very rural unpopulated area with no houses, and outside the window of the room I was in I couldhear traffic.
I wasn't near the window in the room, it was actually on the other side next to a unusual looking electronic machine that i didn't recognize from anywhere I've seen before. The only reason this stood out was because it seemed out of place in a person's home, which most of the room resembled. I decided to get up and look out the window but the door opened and in ran my dog, who waspretty excited to see me. When I looked up there was a man standing at the door. He was about 6 ft tall, had medium long black hair and was dressed casually nice but gave me a "greasy" vibe, if you know what I mean. He introduced himself as Jonas and asked me if I was ok, which I said yes. He said he found me unconscious in a field with my dog barking at me. So I thanked him for helping me and mydog out, and that I was surprised my dog even came back to me. I then asked him the question that would make me start wondering if I in fact had gone crazy... I asked him "where am I?".
"About 20 feet away from where I found you" he replied. I told him that couldn't be possible because there were no houses within at least 20 miles from where I last remember being. He then told me that what he wasgoing to say next will be very shocking and unbelievable, and that if he didn't actually experience it himself then he wouldn't believe it. He took a look at the machine near the window and looked back at me and said he transported me into parallel Earth. He said he traveled to our Earth dimension and found me knocked out in the blazing heat with nobody around to help me out. Normally he said he...
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