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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Teacher’s Name: Milagro Zelaya de Alvarado

Student’s Name: Carlos Geovanny Antunez Archaga

List: 6

Date: 9of July, 2011

Sentences in Third Conditional.

1) If it had not rained, I would have taken the bus.

2) If I had seen her, I would have given her the letter.

3) If I had won thelottery, I would have traveled around the world.

4) If I had seen him, I would have told him about you.

5) If my sister had been here, she would have enjoyed this.Sentences in Reported Speech

1) I can speak English.
What does he say?
He said that he could speak English.

2) He said them he had first met hiswife in Seville.
What does he say?
I first met my wife in Seville.

3) It's raining.
What does he say?
She said that was raining.

4) We have to leave tomorrow.
What does he say?
Theysaid they had to leave the next day.

5) I am going to watch TV this evening.
What does he say?
She said she was going to watch TV that evening.Sentences in Hope vs. Wish.

1) I hope I get an A on my homework.

2) I hope my friend gets well soon.

3) I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow.4) I wish fly in a airplane.

5) I hope we can practice and learn English.Passive Voice.

1) Active: They will steal the painting.
Passive: The painting will be stolen.

2) Active: A dog bit him.
Passive: He was bitten by a dog.3) Active: The police rescued the boy.
Passive: The boy was rescued by the police.

4) Active: The hunter chases the tiger.
Passive: The tiger is chased by him.

5) Active:...