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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2010
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Later this year there will be remake of the prisoner.
This was a cult 1960s TV series about a man who was trapped in ‘The village’. In everyepisode he tried to escape , but failed. It starred Patrick McGoohan, who died in January. Only 17 episodes of The Prisoner were made, but it is still very popular.
Theremake of The Prisoner is being filmed in Africa, but the original series was shot in Portmeirion, a bizarre Italianate village in North Wales. Visitor enter Portmeirion through a series ofarches, and then find themselves in the open space of the magnificent central piazza with its gothic pavilion, surrounded by colorful cottages and exotic buildings. Portmeirion founder and architectSir Clough Williams-Ellis had a great love for Portofino and Italy in general, but visitors will find many different architectural styles in the village: there is the Pantheon, with its domedroof, the neo-classical Georgian Cliff House, the Jacobean Town Hall and the Victorian Castell Deudraeth.
Portmeirion is unique: the village appears larger than it really isand the buildings seen taller. Slowly visitors may notice that the base of the bell tower is twice as wide as its top, fake windows are painted on walls, the boat in the harbour is actually astone building, the lighthouse has no light, and the village has a town hall ,but no residents, only guests.
Today the village is a tourist resort which offers splendid hotel rooms andself-catering cottages.
Portmeirion is also famous for its ceramic.
Sir Clough Williams-Ellis loved to create illusions and riddles: visitors can search out the mermaids, unicorns andgrotesque gargoyles that hide in the shadows. Find the missing right arm of the Buddha that sits in the shadows of the Pantheon Dome and wonder at the palm trees and exotic plants of the gardens.
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