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Colombia is a country that has tourist attractions for all tastes. Its main cities and departments are:

San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina:

This archipelago is tapered as the jewel in the Colombian Caribbean is rich in a great natural beauty, here we find the third calf of the world's largest coral.
San Andre is the largest island of this country and providence of the best inAmerica.

Cartagena de Indias

It has an excellent business location, tourism and industry. Because of its rich history has been recognized as a Historic and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Cartagena de Indias is a recomnedable for people who want to relax and be away from civilization and noise.
Its main feature is its architecture

Santa Marta
Is located between the Sierra Nevada of SantaMarta and the shores of the Caribbean Sea, It has a great variety of flora and fauna, not to mention historical and cultural sites have. Colombians recommend Santa Martha as the first resort for any tourist.
Here you can find places like the neighborhood The Rodadero, Tayrona Park, the Gold Museum, the oldest Cathedral of Colombia and the white sand Beaches.

This city offers a variety ofdomestic and foreign products. In Bogotá, perform agricultural tasks, craft and industrial. It is advisable to buy clothes, footwear, jewelry and all kinds of crafts

 It is the second largest city in Colombia.
Thanks to favorable weather conditions it can hold fairs and events that generate tourism trade.
Its main tourist attractions are:
The railway station, the MetropolitanCathedral and National Palace

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Santiago de Cali
Few cities as it, have a traditional spring climate with landscapes and architecture. Cali is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. Places like the Sixth Avenue located in the Zona Rosa in Cali, Monuments,National parks, Traditional neighborhoods and Museums, make Cali the perfect place to enjoy and fall in love with tropical treasures. It is also known as “La Sucursal del Cielo” and It is characterized by salsa music.

The most popular sports are
• Soccer
It is the most popular sport in this country, has so far participated in three World Cups in a row.

• Cycling
In thecycling world are known as the Colombian beetles for their good participation in big European races and world championships.

• Motoring
It has been highlighted by the participation of Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya

Other activities
It also offers a variety of recreation, the main ones:

• Diving
practiced in places like San Andres, Santa Marta and Cartagena.•

• Horseback riding.
A very popular activity and we found horses in most parts of the country

• Walks
attractive activity due to the beauty of its landscapes and mountains, but avoid walking on red areas.

• Gliders and kites.
A new activity in the country, so this can take courses and fly in a team of two.


Colombiais not an expensive country, people can travel with budgets from $12 daily to $ 120 per day depending on the place where they stay and restaurants to be frequent, but also a person can spend $ 1500 on a single night. Colombia is the perfect place to purchase items of excellent quality and original items at reasonable prices. Its main products are:

Colombian EmeraldPrincipio del formularioColombia is the largest producer of emeralds in the world, they produce 55% of emeralds compared with other countries like Brazil that produces only EL15%. The quality of Colombian stones make them the most coveted.

Colombia produces clothes for international brands

Leather and footwear
Items such as handbags, wallets, jackets, belts and shoes have a great reputation outside its...
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