Common illnesses

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“Common illnesses”

Name: Cecilia Jacqueline Martínez Fabela.

Matricula: 1555463

Group: 59

Teacher:Rocío Gomez Mata.

Subject: English

Monterrey, Nuevo León to March 30th, 2011

Common illnesses
1. Dizziness

It’s a Good idea if you take it easy and call to the doctorto prescribes some medicines to you.

2. Hiccup

Try to take a glass from water of a single drink, or ingest a little crushed ice.

3. Backache

It is possible to begiven promotions warms up and washed with sponge, since giving heat in the back also gives lightening immediate to the backaches.

4. Itch

I think you should to boil 100grams of oats flour in 5 liters of water, during four minutes. To add the resulting water to the water of the bath that does not have to be very hot and to bathe with her during aquarter of an hour.

5. Diarrhoea

It’s a good idea if you prepare a hidratante solution of rice and salt. For it, one is due to strain two handfuls of rice and one boiledteaspoon of salt in a liter of water.

6. Ankle twist

Relax and apply several times to the day towels that have soaked in hot milk or lukewarm vinegar.

7. Cramps

Youshould apply a massage in opposite direction of the course of the pain which will stretch the muscle gradually and will manage to relax it.

8. Burns

Apply natural yogurton the small burns, since it favors its healing and its treatment.

9. Vomit

I think you should to absorb an ice cube slowly when the first vomit symptoms notice.


Apply, during five minutes, a humid and fresh cloth on the skin to calm itch and to repeat if it is necessary. Don´t touch granites, because they could be scars.
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