Mental illness

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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Mental Illness
Many times people are not informed with the problems either biological or psychological that mental illness can generate, or simply we do not realize how they affect the people thatdeal with them day by day. The mental disorders or illness affect millions of people everywhere and they can involve many years of psychotherapy but in a lot of case affected do not receive theadequate treatments to cure this illness.
Mental illnesses are still misunderstood by many people. In this essay we will see in short a little bit of the reality for people which suffer with mentalillness. We will also see which social problems this illness can bring to the people affected and how we can do to make of this situation better.
Mental illness does not have a specific category. It canaffect people of any age, income or education level, or cultural background and it can affect both males and females as well.

Many people suffer with these illness, but just a very few of them aretreaded in the adequate way. Therefore, only a low percentage of them is move in to a psychiatric institution which provides them a good attention. The other big percentage is ignored and/ordiscriminated for the special condition that they possess. A good example of this fact mentioned could be our own reaction when we observe for some street someone who we easily can notice that he/her isdifferent to us, whether in his clothing, hygiene or behaviour, our first reaction will be keep a possible distance, therefore we do not know which will be his reaction or conduct against us. The fearto this situation makes us being discriminators this these group of people classifying them as "crazy"; but nobody has put himself in the position to think about what these people feel, perhaps theyalso feel fear of us and probably that is why they many time look for an anticipated reaction of that that scare them.
On another hand, the small percentage that receives an adequate treating in a...
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