Como ponerle chip casero al xbox 360

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This tutorial is outdated and hard to follow. please use this tutorial instead:

And the Pictorial construction guide:

However, the >1000 posts in this thread contain a lotof help so by all means read on.
All that is required for dumping a liteon key is a transistor and two resistors. which can both be found in old hardware. Computer monitors, VCR's, TV's and radio's are treasure troves of resistors capacitors and signal transistors.
So if you are handy with a soldering iron, why buy an xecuter kit or max232 board that you are only going to use once or twice?for me at lest it was easier to make one than order online and wait.

The circuit is pretty simple, its a common emitter amplifier which inverts the signal and amplifies it to 5V.
its not strictly rs232 levels, but most serial ports probably won't mind. mine doesn't

Only the transmitting part is needed, the computer only receives the key over rs232, it doesn't transmit anything

So start offby finding an NPN transistor. practically any signal NPN will do.
hopefully the base collector and emitter will be marked on the pcb where you find the transistor (with B C E or something).
To desolder it heat two pins at a time with your soldering iron and wiggle it free, have some fresh solder on the iron to help melt the solder. try not to heat the transistor for too long, they are easilydamaged by heat.
To test if the transistor is an npn, get a ohm meter (or battery resistor and led) put the positive lead on the base, if its an NPN you should get a reading when you put the negative lead on the collector and emitter.
if you don't know which pin is the base. just try each pin until the other two pins have a reading.

The 10K resistor will be marked brown black orange (gold)The 1k resistor will be marked brown black red (gold)
You can always test with a multimeter after you desolder it if you are unsure.

Some desoldered components:

Now put it together! I just did it freeform (without a PCB)
a serial plug could be salvaged from an old modem. or cut up a serial cable
You should have 3 wires (gnd, 5V and Tx) going to the dvd drive and two wires (gnd pin 5 and Rxpin 2) going to the serial port
it should look something like this (sorry about the blurry pic)

Now you also need power to the drive. I made an adapter which plugs into a spare sata power plug, and has a switch to open/close the drive. but you can also just use the Xbox 360 to power it. but you can also just use the Xbox 360 to power it. you might need to disconnect pin 3 (eject) to get thetray to stay partially open (Pinout link the ? pin on that page is 3.3V)

overall my setup looks like this:

I got the dvd power plug from a printer (cut down to fit) and made the SATA power adapter from a piece of PCB filed down to fit and with tracks cut for 12v, 5v, gnd and 3.3v. careful if you don't do it right it could damage your computer power supply or dvd drive.

To get it working Iused the dos version of dvdkey, but anything else would probably work.
1 eject the drive and push the tray in half way. leave pin 9 open so the tray doesn't close
2 plug in power and sata
3 turn pc on and boot into dos
4 run dosflash to get the sata address of the dvd drive (say no to any prompts and ctrl+c when you have the address)
5 plug in the serial to the drive and pc. then run: dvdkeyaddress

Hopefully that will work. If it doesn't, check your connections, reboot and try again. you can also try unplugging sata until dos has booted.
You can try probing your circuit with a multimeter, disconnect from pc and dvd power the circuit with 5v, the output should be 5V when the input Tx is pulled low, and 0V when the input Tx is 3V.

Now all you have to do is get another drive...
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