Comparacion de constituciones

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Carlos Ramos
U.S. Government
Lic. Ileana Bermúdez
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Both the Honduran and the U.S. constitution have a special law that was made to regulate the amount of time that anycitizen elected to rule the country can stay as ruler. Of course even though these laws are similar in a way, they are also different in a way. The U.S. constitution states that no citizen can bepresident for more than two terms, whereas in the Honduran constitution a person can be elected as president only once.
Also in the Honduran constitution it is also mentioned that anybody who has hadthe position of presidential designate, can no longer run for president. The reason why they are different is of course, the differences in the history of each country which of course influences greatlythe way the constitutions are created. That reason can easily be seen by the differences in the strictness of the laws. For example, the Honduran law is a bit more strict than the U.S. law whichmeans that something probably really bad may have happened that they may not want to see repeat itself.
The main reason why the Honduran law was created was probably because a couple of years ago, yearsbefore the law was created Honduras had a lot of trouble with its presidents. There was constant turmoil in the country about the presidency. In fact the country had presidents that never even got toend their presidential term because there vice-president attacked them and took their position as president. Also another problem were the constant military leaders who forcibly took the power overand over, some even took power up to three times.
Finally and most important of all I believe the greatest reason why the law was created was to prevent another tyrannical rule like the one ofTiburcio Carías Andino. Tiburcio was a Honduran dictator known for being the person who has been in the power of the Honduran presidency for the most consecutive amount of years, sixteen years, and for...
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