Compare and contrast essay dating and going steady

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Compare and contrast essay
Dating and Going Steady

Going steady or dating are the simplest things in life but at the same time can be the most complex and complicated things.These terms can be so much alike as they can be different. In life people tend to classify and label everything, that help us to know how to manage things, once things are labeled we mayhave an idea how to behave in front of them.
So we can dare to say that dating is the perfect label for getting to casually know someone one finds attractive or interesting. Datingnowadays is often seen as a way to go out and explore the other person’s emotions and get to know that person in the different settings and situations. Let’s say that dating isdivided in two: the “normal” dating when the couple are trying to see whether or not is going to evolve to a more serious relationship, and then there’s the “casual” dating when the couplelook only for a temporarily affection and entertainment.
As for when we talk about “going steady” we may refer when two people have already known each other, and are ready to taketo “the next step” to actually considerate falling in love and trust that person you are with. It can be seen as a pre-matrimonial relationship in adults, and in some adolescents isslightly different due to the fact that is only a serious relationship where some rules may be established.
In conclusion, dating it’s to know a person without actually making anycompromises; a casual relationship and a way no to get so emotionally involved with someone, but when you go steady with someone responsibilities and compromises are involved, and thecouple start to actually consider to get even more serious about the relationship they’re in. As I said before the simplest things in life can be the most complicated at the same time.
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