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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Today, mostly for women shopping can be a little fun and also functions as a way to clear the mind while making purchases. On the other hand, for the men find it boring and do not like walkingthrough the mall how to women. Women when they are very hesitant to buy because they can not decide on what they really want or need, while men are decided quickly and choose the item you need or have inmind. Too many women can take as long hours in the mall and they only men can take a few minutes to shop, not to mention the price difference to buy. Women and men are very different in terms ofpurchases, the indecision to buy a product, the distribution of time and the price of the items.

First, women are too hesitant in purchasing and men are not. A woman can get to the mall with the intentionof buying an item, it goes all the stores looking for the item and leaves the mall with nothing or it did not need. On the other hand, when a man says he's going to a store to buy something, you canbe sure that return with what he was buying. It is for this reason that the woman turns out to be indecisive when shopping and so men do not like going shopping with women.

Secondly, women can takemuch longer to shop than a man. For some reason, women stop to look at everything that looks nice and attractive stores. For example, when I go shopping to buy a shirt or shoes, it takes me an houror two and that is something that can take twenty to thirty minutes. On the contrary, men do not seem to look or search any more, but only what they will buy and so it takes less than women.
In thethird place, mostly women spend much more money when shopping than men. Some women like things in a specific brand regardless of the cost of the item, while men do not care or are concerned that yourclothing is of a specific brand or if the price is too expensive or not. Men only care if the article meets the requirements they seek while women care to be nice, expensive and fashionable.

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