Competencia comunicativa y reflexion de los errores en el aula

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Javier Pérez Gómez grupo E15

In general communicative competence includes basic knowledge and skills for an individual to use all of its systems of signs sociocultural community. This way we can understand how knowledge of the lexicon and combinatorial rules of language, although more than this, it is the knowledge of appropriate use of language in different circumstances. Includestextual competence and discourse competence, but more than that, it includes knowledge about text structures and the selection of appropriate speech to the communicative situation. Speaking of communication skills is to talk about thinking into words, the need of every human being to communicate, to interact, to communicate their ideas to mind, with his body, with his performance. We are effectivewhen we develop the communication level listening skills and interaction. When we express our thoughts and ideas in a coherent, although perhaps the question is how to develop communication skills achievement in the classroom? Communicative competence covering all areas of knowledge. Each expression that performs a child, every activity is the development within the communicative competence. Theway to read, to behave, to conduct their activities, their posture, and so on. It is his own style of communication. I think the purpose of school is preparing for life and I think that teachers should promote the autonomy and independence of pupils and ensure their development as individuals capable of self-control and to enjoy and interact with peers (skills such as playing, reading, create,listen, etc.), are very important, this has to be supervised by the teacher. From my experience, I believe the best way to develop communication skills in the classroom is to make informal conversational situations in which each student takes a moment to talk freely about their experiences, to share them with colleagues and comment on the experiences of other . It's something I enjoy doing in thehalls, when they sleep in the morning "... Good morning, how are you?, When we are in the yard playing and of course when we are in class. While there are fellow teachers who believe that is a waste of time asking "Rebecca," that there are always shy girl in class, how things have

gone on, I think it's important to meet and create in it that need, the need to speak. For this, I also get involved:I tell them my stories, my mistakes, my successes, I participate in their stories, I encourage them to speak in class constantly inventing situations if necessary, always with patience. I think gradually I have gotten students to accept their mistakes, talk more quietly, to take ownership when they want to ask something and organize training workshops for exhibitions on the subjects they want.They are much more spontaneous, they like to participate. Earlier I talked about the mistakes and perhaps this is one of the keys to communication within a classroom. I think it's good to change attitudes towards the mistakes made by students for teaching any subject and consider them positively, rather than as a symptom of failure. Many teachers consider mistakes as something bad, a sign thatsomething is not doing well, it is possible that this is one of the factors that inhibit any learning process. Students studying English as a foreign language at pre-intermediate and intermediate make many mistakes, and in my opinion Spanish children, and if I may, my future students will acquire a working knowledge in English if they have the opportunity to make a lot of errors while are expressed. SoI think it is good to consider the mistakes made by students of a foreign language as positive. The error may be a useful and necessary part in the learning process. In this course, Teaching Foreign Language I with you, we have learned that language teaching is based on communication. Sometimes the teacher uses class time to practice correct grammatical forms, students demonstrate they know...
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