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Compoglass F

Instructions for Use
Description Compoglass® F is a compomer-based, light-curing radiopaque singlecomponent restorative material. Compoglass F cures with light in the wavelength range of 400–500 nm (blue light). Compoglass F combines the advantages of glass ionomer cements with those of lightcuring composite materials. Shades Compoglass F is available in the followingshades (Chromascop/A-D Shades): 105/ –, 110/ A1, 140/ A2, 210/ A3, 230/ A3,5, 310/ B3, 340/ A4, 410/ D3, 510/ C3, 540/ – Composition The monomer matrix consists of dimethacrylates (19.3 wt.%). The inorganic fillers are ytterbium trifluoride, Ba-Al-fluorosilicate glass, and spheroid mixed oxide (80.5 wt.%). Additional contents are catalysts, stabilizers and pigments (0.2 wt.%). The total content ofinorganic fillers is 57.5 vol.% or 80.5 wt.%.The particle size is between 0.2 µm and 3.0 µm. Indication – Restorations in deciduous teeth – Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects) – Class III restorations – Intermediate Class I and II restorations Contraindication Compoglass F restorations are contraindicated if the patient is known to be allergic to any of theingredients in Compoglass F, or if the stipulated application technique cannot be used. Compoglass F is contraindicated for direct or indirect pulp capping, as well as stress-bearing permanent restorations in secondary dentition. Side effects In rare cases, components of Compoglass F may cause sensitivity. In these cases, the material should no longer be applied. To avoid irritation of the pulp,areas near the pulp should be covered with a suitable pulp/dentin protecting material (apply a calcium hydroxide preparation in areas close to the pulp and subsequently cover with a suitable liner).

Käyttöohjeet Bruksanvisning Productinformatie Oδηγίες Xρήσεως Kullanım Bilgileri àÌÒÚÛ͈Ëfl ÔÓ ÔËÏÂÌÂÌ˲

Instructions for Use Gebrauchsinformation Mode d’emploi Istruzioni d’uso Instrucciones de usoInstruções de Uso Bruksanvisning

Instrukcja stosowania Brugsanvisning
– Valokovetteinen kompomeeripohjainen täytemateriaali – Lysherdende fyllingsmateriale på compomerbasis – Lichtuithardend tandheelkundig composiet-vulmateriaal op basis van compomeren – Φωτ π λυµερι µεν υλικ δ ντιατρικών απ καταστάσεων ασισµέν στα compomers – Iflıkla sertleflen, kompomer bazlı dental dolgu malzemesi –ë‚ÂÚÓÓÚ‚Âʉ‡ÂÏ˚È ÒÚÓχÚÓÎӄ˘ÂÒÍËÈ Ï‡ÚÂˇΠ̇ ÓÒÌÓ‚Â ÍÓÏÔÓÏÂÓ‚ – Âwiatłoutwardzalny, kompomerowy materiał wypełniajàcy – Light-curing, compomer-based dental restorative material – Lichthärtendes Füllungsmaterial auf Compomerbasis – Matériau d’obturation compomer photosensible – Materiale per otturazioni a base di compomero, fotoindurente – Material de obturación fotopolimerizable en base a compómero – Cômpomerofotopolimerizável para restauração dental – Ljushärdande fyllnadsmaterial på compomerbas – Lyspolymeriserende dentalt plast-fyldningsmateriale på kompomerbasis

For dental use only! Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed dentist. Made in Liechtenstein Ivoclar Vivadent AG, FL-9494 Schaan / Liechtenstein


InteractionsMaterials containing eugenol/clove oil inhibit the polymerization of compomers. Therefore, the use of zinc oxide eugenol cements in combination with Compoglass F should be avoided. Contact with cationic mouthwashes, plaque disclosing agents, and chlorhexidine may lead to discolouration. Application 1. Shade determination Clean the teeth prior to shade determination. Select the shade while the teeth arestill moist. 2. Isolation Isolate with cotton rolls or best with rubber dam (e.g. OptraDam® Plus), depending on the clinical situation. 3. Cavity preparation Cavity preparation is done according to the principles of the adhesive technique, i.e. preserving tooth substance. Do not prepare sharp edges or additional undercuts in caries-free regions. The cavity geometry is primarily...
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