Computer science

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1. What is the internet? It’s a connection of computers around the world.
2. How is the internet called? The NET
3. What is a protocol? A communication languagebetween 2 or more computing devices.
4. Why is it called internet? Because it’s named for ‘interconnection of computer devices’
5. How was it called in the 1960’s?ARPAnet
6. What do we need to gain access to internet? A computer, a modem, an ISP (Internet Service Provider), pay.
7. What service do we get from internet? Thee-mail
8. Name the parts o the e-mail address. Username, at, domain (host, function, and location)
9. What is the WWW? World Wide Web
10. How is it called? The WEB
11.What does HTTP mean and what is it for? A protocol, only 1 of the languages spoken over the internet, to transmit data and ‘jump’ to any web page.
12. Name fourbrowsers used by WWW. Google Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari.
13. What does URL mean and what is it? Uniform Resource Locator, a web address or link.
14. What does HTMLmean and what is it for? Hyper Text Markup Language, the web browser reads HTML documents and compose them into visual or audible web pages.
15. Name 2 traditionalsocial networking websites. Facebook and twitter.
16. Name 3 activities you can do in a social network. Chat, share thoughts and photos
17. Name 2 dangers of usingSocial Networking Websites. Online predators.
18. What is a Computer network? Is a group o computers and devices interconnected by communication channels.
19. What isa LAN? Local Area Network
20. What is a WLAN? Wireless Local Area Network
21. What is a MAN? Metropolitan Area Network
22. What is a WAN? Wide Area Network