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Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador

Community Tsachila

They are the principal owners of this place. Their customs are still practiced such as: clothing, the shamanismo art, the life in community, these are Cultural expressions that they are captivating to the tourists.

They are 2.640 inhabitants. They are organized in eight communities, they are: Cóngoma Grande (Santo Juan), LosNaranjos, El Búho de los Colorados, El Poste, Peripa, Chigüilpe, Otongo Mapalí y Filomena Aguavil (Tahuaza) they are located in the rural zone of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas province.

Tsachilas house

the house is divided in two equal parts, it is in rectangular form. It is thirthin metres long per seven in width and five high. They are made of wood, and they don’t have foundations
theTsachilas houses don’t have windows. This lasts for approximately two or three years depending on the humidity and the cockroaches' destructive action.
The walls are constructed with wooden boards or guadúa cane. All the houses have two doors, the first is of access the corridor; And another one that is placed at the back posterior.


Koleka-Napi: In the Comuna Peripa, theforefathers Tsachilas raised a stones sanctuary of natural note, an altar lost in the course of time. It is named Koleka - Napi but this means estuary little snail of water.
There are tens of dark stones with faces of ancient gods, they are in a small brook, around leafy trees and thick vegetation, believe an own environment of the Latin American cultures.
This archeological legacy contains amessage of wisdom that is indecipherable.

Joaquín Zaracay Park


It is located at Quito and Tsáchila Avenues, it is known as central park. Silent witness of civic, political, social and religious events that they have dialed the development of this region.
An ancient history counts than in the center of the park there was a great tree of ceibo, and some people say that existed inter documentsinside, and they confirm Santo Domingo's name.
And at present the monument of Joaquín Zaracay enigmatic figure (first governor of Tsáchilas nationality), it is constructed in the center of the park. 

Simón Bolívar circle

This circle was constructed when Mr. Klever Paz y Miño was the mayor and it is in a strategic place because it is located at the road to Quito and Esmeraldas.
Thismonument was constructed in honor to Simón Bolívar; he was military and politic South American, he was born in Venezuela and he was president of this country, also he was the president and the creator of the Republic of the Gran Colombia is for this reason, the shields of the countries that conformed the Gran Colombia are constructed around Simón Bolívar's monument, he was the leader of the revolutionthat culminated with the emancipation of South America in front of the colonial Spanish power, for this reason he is known as the Liberator.

The Bombolí hill

Hill Bombolí is the ideal place for pilgrimage, it is high and it allows enjoying the wonderful that exist around.
We had a good time from this place and admired the canton Santo Domingo, your natural landscapes and transitionalexcellent effects with the fantastic combination for the national and foreign tourists.
People of every age trotting very in the morning can frequently be observed.

There are a church in the high part and people come daily to the Mass from the 17h00. We can observe 12 stations of Jesus Death on the way over the Church.

Botanical gardens The Carolina

It is located in Juan Eulogio Paz y Miñoneighborhood.
It has 7 hectares, with beautiful paths, his sections present sorts of native trees of the zone, fruit trees, ornamental plants and tropical flowers.

There are a garden with 200 sorts of orchids, fruit of different scientific expeditions.

Tourists and lovers of nature, they will be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the wholesome air, this is the perfect place...
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