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 Who is the narrator of The Outsiders?
◦ Ponyboy
◦ First person, subjective point of view
◦ Unreliable narrator
 What two groups of teenagers does Ponyboy
describe? Compare the two groups.
◦ Socs and Greasers
◦ Socs – rich, live on the West side, “jet set,” have beer
blasts, dress preppy, jump Greasers forfun, wreak
houses, sophisticated, hide their emotions
◦ Greasers – poor, live on the East side, steal for fun,
look like hoods, grease their long hair, wear jeans and
T-shirts, leather jackets, feel their emotions violently
 Why did the Socs beat up Ponyboy?
◦ He was alone and a Greaser, their idea of fun
 Why did Ponyboy have a hard time with his
oldest brother?
◦ Darry was veryprotective and acted like a parent
because their parents are dead; because he is young,
Darry makes mistakes, like yelling at and hitting Pony
 Why does the author use non-standard English?
◦ SE Hinton captures the real language of teenagers of
the time period; it makes the story very realistic
Ch. 2
 Where do the Socs and Greasers
hang out?
◦ Greasers hang out at Dingo and Jay’s;Socs hang out at Way Out and Rusty’s
 What do they do for fun?
◦ Both enjoy movies
 How do the Greasers learn more
about the Socs?
◦ From Cherry
 What kind of rules do gang
members follow in fights?
◦ No weapons, just fists; even numbers of
both sides – fair
 How could Cherry be a problem for
◦ She is a Soc and he is a Greaser;
Greasers don’t date “nice” girlsCh. 3
Why do you think Ponyboy and Cherry
become good friends?
◦ They have a lot in common and both enjoy
 How does the author make the
characters believable?
◦ Their speech (slang)
◦ Their actions
 Why did Cherry and Marcia leave their
◦ The boys were drinking and Cherry and
Marcia disapproved
 Why do you think Darry hit Ponyboy?
◦ He was very late getting home andDarry
was very worried and upset
 Which Greaser steals for fun?
◦ Two Bit steals for fun; Dally steals to break the rules
Ch. 4
 Who (Greasers or Socs) do you
think was wrong in the situation in
this chapter (the tragic incident at
the park)? Why?
◦ Socs were out of their territory and had
been drinking and were very violent in
how they treated Pony; Johnny was
defending hisfriend, who was drowning;
review what our eyewitness (Randy)
says about the incident in Ch. 11
 Why do Ponyboy and Johnny turn to
Dally for help?
◦ Dally has experience with this kind of
thing – he would have a gun and a plan;
Darry would be very upset; the boys just
want to get away and Dally seems like
their best hope for help; Pony says Dally
can do anything
Ch. 5
 Do youthink hiding out was the
best thing for Johnny and Pony
to do? Why or why not?
◦ Maybe if they hadn’t left, the Socs
wouldn’t have declared war; there
will be a big rumble as a result
 What did Johnny admire about
◦ He shows gallantry and loyalty; he
took the rap for something Two-Bit
did, for example
 Why did the boys cut their hair?
◦ To disguise themselves
 Does thelength of hair mean
much to the boys?
◦ It shows identity and membership in
their group
Ch. 6
 Why do you think Cherry chose
to associate with – and later help
– Johnny and Pony? Is she a
◦ She hated the fighting and wanted it
to stop; yes, she is a spy
 Why do you think Johnny decide
they should turn themselves in?
◦ He thought he would get off easy –
he had no record,it was self defense,
and he didn’t want to stay at the
church anymore; he wanted to end
the violence
 What did Pony learn about
◦ He learned that Darry was trying to
make something of himself and Darry
loved him and missed himCh. 7
 How were the boys injured?
◦ Trying to save the children in the fire
 Why could they be considered
◦ They risked their lives...
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