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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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Miguel: Hi! Miguel, ¿ how are you?
Rubí: I´m fine thank you, ¿how about you?
Miguel: I´m good
Rubí: ¿Do you fancy going to have a drink?
Miguel: yes, I do
Rubí: Well, tell me what do you doMiguel?
Miguel: I study the university in the morning and in the afternoon I work in Mc Donald’s
Rubí: Really?
Miguel: Yeah, but my work in Mc Donald´s isn´t my vocation
Rubí: Why?Miguel: Because I have many problems with my co- workers
Rubí: Oh!, if I were you I would speak with them
Miguel: Yeah, that would be a good idea, but maybe it isn´t necessary because my boss wants meto transfer to another city, but I´m not sure
Rubí: Yes, That´s a difficult decision. You might to go there and meet that city
Miguel: Yes, I´m going to think it. But, what about you? Tell me!Rubí: Well, I study laws and I work in lawyer´s office, but I really want to take a vacation
Miguel: Oh, if I were you I would take a vacation
Rubí: Mmm maybe I should. Where´s a good place to go- anyideas?
Miguel: I think you could go anywhere, have you been to Oaxaca?
Rubí: No, no yet
Miguel: Well It´s a beautiful place where you can take a rest and you can know the most beautifulwaterfalls
Rubí: That´s a good idea, but I have to save money, because two weeks ago I went to six flags and I spent many money
Miguel: Oh!, I know what you mean
Rubí: Yeah, look, these are my photoswhen I went to Six flags
Miguel: Did you really on a roller coaster?
Rubí: yes, it was great, have you ever been on a roller coaster?
Miguel: No, no yet. On the other hand, tomorrow I´m going to goto buy a new cell phone
Rubí: Other?, I want other too, but I don´t have money, Oh! If I had money I would buy a new car and a new cell phone
Miguel: Me too, but if I had money I would buy ahouse
Rubí: Ok, that would be cool
Miguel: Do you know where I can buy a really cheap cell phone
Rubí: Mmm maybe in Technology square
Miguel: Oh, exactly, do you join me?
Rubí: Sure.
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