Cooperation essay

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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2012
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Cooperation and being thankful seem to be pretty simple concepts but would completely change our lives if they didn’t exist. Many people don’t think they’reimportant, and personally, I will never understand why. Maybe It’s because people don’t think about these concepts enough to understand how our lives would belike without their existence or it might be the lack of usage these concepts have now a days in people’s lives.
If people weren’t cooperative, we wouldn’thave societies like we have now. People would go wild and the physically strong would rule just like in the move “Lord of the Flies”. The movie is a perfectexample of the effects brought by the lack of cooperation in a group. It demonstrates how disrespect, fear and the strongest members of the group control the restinstead of cooperating with them and developing distribution of labor, mutual respect and appreciation for one another which is considered thankfulness. In theend, people under these conditions go insane because there is no control and the strong members have the power to eliminate competition depending on the sizeof their groups.
People don’t believe things could ever get out of hand like they do when cooperation, thankfulness and respect are lost. This is the reasonwhy all of them are under rated. The sad part about this is that when people start to notice the effects, it is to late to change and they become part of theproblem or are eliminated by the group. Either way, it all comes down to a tragic end that could’ve been avoided with cooperation and appreciation for others.
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