Cooperative learning

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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2012
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If you take into account the perspectives of the Ts and the Ss, you could have a better conception of the problems and limitations that they have in the classroom performance. Ts need to be verycreative and take advantage of any resources, however limited this is; although it has some advantages as human resources, which can be effectives to interaction and participation of learners in abeneficial way, because the teacher can use to make your class more interactive; moreover strategies that Ts use must be designed kept in mind the number of students, time, space, resources and so on. Alsothe variety on the activities gives more opportunities to learn and keep the learners’ interest. The student's participation is very important in these situations; you need everybody's help to achievecommon goals. To handle a large class is a big challenge and over all if the method and lessons plan not are made with the collaboration both Ts and Ss. Other advantage of large classes could be theuse of cooperative learning, since it permits work in groups or pairs and if the teacher make changes in periods of time, the learners can work with different classmates it could help to they feel moreconfidence to interact with everybody in the classroom and he/she can feel more secure in him/herself and develop more communicative skills. Another key is the heterogeneous classes, in view of thefact that the learners take part in several tasks and be more conscious about the topics that they need to learn and know.
When you design and plan your classes with anticipation and are you prepared,secure about your knowledge and also to carry out the lesson with creativity and support your ideas, give your students a better image and they see you with interest then the class could be moresuccessful. Nowadays new Ts have more sources like internet and so on, but it depends on the setting in which they are working.
The goal is to use and apply the knowledge and new methodologies and...
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