Copulative connectors.

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Copulative connectors.
* They play football and baseball.
* He is very responsible and hard worker.
* She tried to finish and help her friend but her time was over.
Not only… butalso
* I am not only hungry but also sleepy
* Not only Phil will have to pay the rent this month but also his debts.
* She is not only a good athlete but also an excellent student.
* Both cereals and legumes are substitutes for meat.
* Both José and Sarah are disputing the new job.
* The new machine offers both speed and performance.
No sooner… than
* Nosooner Messi hits the ball than the fans celebrate the goal.
* No sooner I knew the news than I ran as fast as possible.
* The teacher had no sooner finished the question than, Carlos answered.Disyuntive Connectors.

Either… or
* Either you eat or you talk.
* Either you are a stupid or you look like one.
* Either he is Christian or Jew.
Neither… nor
* Neither it’syour time nor you don't have all the papers needed.
* Neither get married nor have children are in my mind so far.
* The players neither won nor put the enough effort.
Whether … or
*Whether you like or not.
* They should decide faster whether they stay or go.
* She is not sure what device should buy, whether a tablet or a computer.
Or else
* You need to practice any sportor else you will become a sedentary.
* Give it water or else it will die.
* Take your time or else make it wrong.
* Be careful otherwise you'll get hurt.
* You can do italone otherwise you can ask me for help.
* That thing could poison you otherwise kill you.

Conditional Connectors.

* I couldn't have finished my work if you hadn't helped me.
* Ifhe gets his raise, he will go to Cuba.
* If you don’t pay me I’ll see you on court.
* It will be unflavored unless you put salt.
* She will not see you unless you call her.
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