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Coyote Community College Case Study Packet
Executive Summary
The Coyote Community College Case Study describes a fictitious college. There is no connection between the Coyote Community College Case Study and any college, either named CoyoteCommunity College or otherwise. Other organizations cited in the case study are also fictitious. The documents contained in the Coyote Community College Case Study Packet are all in the public domain and may be used and reproduced without permission. If any of these documents accompany copyrighted material, an indication of their status in the public domain and an acknowledgment of the BaldrigeNational Quality Program as the source would be appreciated.

Use of a Case Study Packet A Baldrige case study packet is composed of the tools used to train Baldrige Examiners and their working documents in the evaluation process. As such, it demonstrates the Baldrige Award application and evaluation processes and provides insight into, and understanding of, the Criteria upon which evaluationsare based. An especially useful tool, the case study packet includes information relating to scoring, Criteria responses, examination processes, and site visit procedures, as well as illustrating the format for an application. In addition to their use by Examiners and applicants, case study materials are used by state and local award programs across the United States and in the internal awardprograms of many organizations. Countries around the world have also used the documents in the creation of their Baldrige-based award programs. Self-assessment and self-improvement uses of the case study packet are limitless, and outreach efforts of the Baldrige community are strengthened by use of the materials in this packet. The six documents described below illustrate the 2000 Malcolm BaldrigeNational Quality Award application and evaluation processes. The Coyote Community College Case Study The Coyote Community College Case Study is a sample application written for a fictitious organization applying for the Baldrige Award. It demonstrates the form and content of an application, providing information requested in the seven Categories of the Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.Responses are presented for each of the 19 individual Items, comprising 27 separate Areas to Address. The Coyote Community College Case Study was an important part of the 2000 Examiner Preparation Course. It was used in practice exercises about the Baldrige Award scoring system. The three evaluation dimensions of the scoring system are Approach, Deployment, and Results. The anchor point of thescoring system is 50%, which is awarded for an effective system, deployed in all major areas of the organization and achieving positive results in most major areas. Further details on scoring are given in the Handbook for the Board of Examiners and the Scorebook for Business, Education, and Health Care. The Coyote Community College Case Study scores are given in the Coyote Community College Scorebook.The Coyote Community College Scorebook The Coyote Community College Scorebook contains comments and a scoring range on each of the 19 Items of the application as well as a listing of specific issues to be addressed in the event of a site visit. These issues provide the initial basis for site visit planning which also includes verification and clarification of the major points of the application.The recommended scoring ranges for the Coyote Community College Case Study are shown at the beginning of the report. For an actual application, information from the Examiners’ scores is used by the Panel of Judges to determine if the applicant advances to the next stage of the review process. Details of the review process are given as introductory material in the Coyote Community College Feedback...
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