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Defining and Understanding Creativity

There are many definitions of creativity. A number of them suggest that creativity is the generation of imaginative new ideas, involving a radical
newness innovation or solution to a problem, and a radical reformulation of problems. Other definitions propose that a creative solution can simply integrate existing knowledge in a different way. A third setof definitions proposes that a creative solution, either new or recombined, must have value. A novel idea is not a creative idea unless it is valuable or it implies positive evaluation. Also, imagination, which involves the generation of ideas not previously available as well as the generation of different ways of seeing events, is important to achieve creative actions.
To combine this varietyof definitions, we can say that creativity involves the generation of new ideas or the recombination of known elements into something new, providing valuable solutions to a problem. It also involves motivation and emotion. Creativity “is a fundamental feature of human intelligence in general. It is grounded in everyday capacities such as the association of ideas, reminding, perception, analogicalthinking, searching a structured problem-space, and reflecting self-criticism. It involves not only a cognitive dimension (the generation of new ideas) but also motivation and emotion, and is closely linked to cultural context and personality factors”.
According to Boden (1998), there are three main types of creativity, involving different ways of generating the novel ideas:
a) The“combinational” creativity that involves new combinations of familiar ideas.
b) The “exploratory” creativity that involves the generation of new ideas by the exploration of structured concepts.
c) The “transformational” creativity that involves the transformation of some dimension of the structure, so that new structures can be generated.
Creative thinking in a disciplined manner can play a real role ininnovation. Creativity and innovation are normally complementary activities, since creativity generates the basis of innovation, which, in its development, raises difficulties that must be solved once again, with creativity…It is not possible to conceive innovation without creative ideas, as these are the starting point.
Innovation results when creativity occurs within the right organisationalculture. The right organisational culture is one that provides through creativity processes (creative techniques) the possibilities for the development of personal and group creativity skills.
We can define creativity IMT as the establishment of skills by implementing creativity generation techniques.
Objectives of Creativity

Main objectives of a creative thinking process is to think beyondexisting boundaries, to awake curiosity, to break away from rational, conventional ideas and formalized procedures, to rely on the imagination, the divergent, the random and to consider multiple solutions and alternatives.
The result of the creative thinking process is especially important for businesses. Managers and managerial decisions and actions, confronted with fast-changing and ambiguousenvironments in business, need to develop creative solutions and creative action-based strategies to solve problems, as they allow to increase understanding of problematic situations, to find multiple problems, to produce new combinations, to
generate multiple solutions that are different from the past, to consider possible alternatives in various situations that could occur in the future and toexpand the opportunity horizon and competence base of firms.

Description of Creativity

Creativity is not an innate quality of only a few selected people. Creativity is present in everyone. It can be learned, practised and developed by the use of proven techniques which, enhancing and stimulating the creative abilities, ideas and creative results, help people to move out of their normal...
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