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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2010
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The secret of Mona Lisa

Many believe guessing a secret key which may be in the name popularly given to the painting: Mona Lisa.

The first puzzle of the Mona Lisa is the identity of the model.Some believe that this is Lisa Gerardini, wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant named Francesco of Giocondo and as a result the name of Giaconda. But in this painting, as in other of Leonardo, nothingis as it seems. According to Antonio de Beatis, who visited the artist and was interested in the painting, Leonardo would have assured that this was a Florentine lady and that she had made at therequest of his friend Giuliano de 'Medici. In fact, the only source that attributes to Giocondo commissioned by the historian Giorgio Vasari.

The most consistent interpretation could keep the taste ofLeonardo for the painting it’s the message he believes is the clue to discover the secret in the name Mona Lisa.

Therefore it’s explained by The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, because they believethat this eight letters form an anagram of Amon and Lisa. It would be an allusion to the two Egyptian fertility gods: Amon and Isis. But even some who see in this a reference to Lisa lily, symbol of theFrench royal house, the protector of artists, but also identify the mythical dynasty, whose right to the throne is guarded by the Priory of Sion.

According to this hypothesis, it seems thatLeonardo would have sung in this painting an ode to the ancient cults of nature and the sacred feminine. And if the genie had belonged to a secret society who professed these rites and beliefs, it wouldexplain the preference was always for this table.

Others think that the lady is merely the self-portrait of Leonardo, in the end an investigation by security experts and Hoizman Swartz, and acomparative analysis between the only known portrait painter and the Mona Lisa's face demonstrates a strong similarity if you take away the wrinkles, beard.

One of the biggest questions is why the Mona...
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