Cuadro comparativo derechos reales

|Concepto de bien y de cosa. |Real and personal property: the primary right that an owner has is |Personal Property: is all theproperty that is left once real |
| |the right to exclude others from using or profiting from a thing. If |property, that island, has been substracted. Personal property (or |
|Cosas: |the thing is movible, the thing becames personal property. Land and|personalty) is therefore residual in character, an attribute that |
|Las cosas pueden definirse como objetos del mundo exterior |improvements on it become real property. It refers to propertyover |contributes to the somewhat formless nature of the subject. |
|susceptibles de derechos o de tener un valor. |which courts would assert subject matter jurisdictionin order to | |
|Constituyen especie, por su materialidad, dentro del género bienes. |Project the owner´s right to it.|Chattels real consist principally of leasehold interest in land, the |
|Una clasificación de las cosas consideradas en si mismas es la ||subject of personal rather than real actions. |
|siguiente: || |
|1) muebles e inmuebles; 2) fungibles y no fungibles; 3) consumibles y||Chattels personal are those items of personalty that are not chattels|
|no consumibles; 4) divisibles y no divisibles; 5)...
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