Cuban embargo

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  • Publicado : 29 de marzo de 2011
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Sanders Rodriguez
ENC 1101
Christina Garcia

The U.S. embargo against Cuba was never about ‘democracy’ or human rights and American officials mention at the time that the embargo wasenacted, were open about this fact. Many people especially the Cubans living in South Florida were happy with this law and the sanctions against the island but most of them don’t realize that forUnited States having this trade embargo it cost U.S businesses one billion dollars a year. The embargo was created because of the Soviet Union was posing a threat to the interest of America, because ofthe relationship between Cuba and the Soviets. Russia collapses and Cuba is not a threat to United States anymore, so why not take the embargo off.

Only 30 percent of the peopleliving in United States are against the harsh sanction while 62 percent want the government to have diplomatic relations with Cuba. Many people don’t like the embargo because it makes their familiesin the island more tide to find things with all the restrictions, even with traveling or sending money over western union. For those with all their family in Cuba the only way of finding some thingsis from a mom or a dad or a brother here abroad 90 miles away from the island, sending them some dollars to survive the everyday life. When the Soviet Union was having tide relationships with theCuban government there was no Cubans leaving the island at all, everybody was happy and everyone used to live a decent life. Now every three years new policies come up against Cuba and the Cubansliving in the US territory. The law has affected also many Americans that will like to visit the island to explore the old cars and smoke a good cigar or perhaps to have a nice shot of Cuban rum on anystreet of the Old Havana. MANY US CITIZENS cant visit Cuba for the fact that is not illegal but because the government is not responsible for them in case something happens in the communist island.
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