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The Right Choice

It was like three ó five at Gimnasio del norte which means twenty five minutes left for the bell to ring.
During that time somethinghappened(…), it was the last day for eleventh graders.
Some of them were crying, others taking photos of their friends, it was an exiting day.
But therewas a particular guy who didn’t care about that and was just waiting for the bell to rang; his name is Edward, he wasn’t the best student, but notcompletely a bad one, he just wanted to graduate from school and go to the college and alter he finished that begin to make some big money.
Edward had a problem,he was bad in maths but he wanted to study business administration, that was the only way to make real money in an easy way.
When he arrived to thecollege to began to study administration he wasn’t sure about it but he thought “I got to study this boring thing to be someone recognized in the life”. He wasblinded by that idea and started studying.
Alter 3 years of studies, Edward realized that he didn’t like that career but it was too late to stop studyingthat and he continued doing.
When he finished his career he thought “well let’s start! making my money”
Alter a time he realizad that he wasn’t fit tothat job because he didn’t like the career and was so dissapointed and decided to trash everything he had.
Eclosion; if you don’t want this to happen toyou just got to make the right choice, study something that you like, not something you don’t, if you do what you like to do you’ll be happy in life.
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