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I did not know what to do, I was about to cry, but suddenly I started laughing it was that feeling again, my heart started beating faster and faster, I felt a knot in my heart, and in my throat.I closed my eyes, and for a second I saw him again, It was just a vision, a vision that I wanted to last forever, I saw him in my arms it was so real, I was confused; It was him, withhis blue and almond shape eyes,his marvelous and fleshy lips, his black curly and abundant hair, with his unique smile, with his straight and white teeth, and the thing that made my heart stupified: his peculiar fragance, which always made me crazy, because he smelt like glory, and it was not his perfume, it was the smell that his body secrete, he was wearing his favorite clothes, which I reallyhated because he wore them every time he could; his blue jeans with holes in the knees and the blue shirt that had a happy face on his right shoulder. Everything was in its place how it should be. I was with him and he was with me. I did not know if it was real, but for those instants I did not care about anything, everything was perfect, I was just hugging him, and he was just hugging me, all ourfights were behind us, it was like if we were in other dimension where time does not exist, it was only us.

Then I opened my eyes, I was sat on the unconfortable armchair in the funeral My black eyes, my white face my straight nose were incredibly red because I never stopped crying, my lips thin lips were quarting, I was wearing a black short dress and an uncomfortable pair of black high heelshoes, and the first thing I saw was the horrible big and black coffin. I started shouting, my heart was broken, because with the lost of my lover it was not only one death, they were two, because when his heart stopped beating my life was gone too. I could not concieve the fact that he was not there for me, I could not remain standing, I was devastated, because it was not fair, he once told methat he would be always there, that nothing could apart us, but this was the most difficult moment in my whole life, my entire world was falling apart, and he was not there because he was the reason of my pain. That could not be real because he was the only thing I needed to be alive, he was my everything. And now that he is not here my life do not make sense.

I stood up and ran quickly to thebig, brilliant, and black coffin of my baby Ethan, he had his eyes closed, his face was already pale, and he was using his favourite clothes, his black t-shirt that always used when we had something important to do, his blue jeans, and his favorite item, his tenis shoes. I was touching and caressing the glass that was dividing life and death.

I started remembering the day that I met him, it wasthe first day of school, my first time at high school, I was so nervous everything was so strange for me, when I entered to school nobody noticed that I was there, until I got into my classroom, it was just as a movie picture, because It was love at first sight, It was as if cupid struck me with an arrow, I was the type of girl who did not believe in fate, but since that time I totally believe,because at that time I was at the right place, time, and moment. The wind started blowing harder, Ethan entered to the classroom, he was the man of my dreams, he was exactly the perfect guy for me, he had an angel´s face with charming stare, his eyes had an special sparkle like no one else s, his hair was black, but it was not a common black color hair, it was like ebony color hair, he had tannedskin color and he was middle high and he was so strong, in conclusion he was totally perfect. When we saw each other we were like two children looking at his favorite toy.

At first we both were so shy and we did not talk to each other but when time passed by, he started asking me out, and we were very happy together so he asked me to be her girl, and I obiously accepted,I remember perfectly...
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