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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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Strange coincidence

It was a normal day for Claire Wesker, and that was what she believed. She was at her job, a federal tax office where she worked as a manager in the small town of Turlok,California, with a population of 70 000 people. That day his life changed drastically to be precise.
At 5:00 pm she had left work. When she gets home she finds a package that had her name written on it.She took the package and took it inside her house; quickly she went to the room to open the package, when she proceeded to open the package, she screamed and frightened when she saw what was inside thepackage, it was a human hand, severed from the wrist, covered in plastic and filled with blood. She quickly ran to the phone to call his best friend, Chris Davis, who is her friend since childhood.Terrified, she told Chris what had happened. He ran to the house of Claire, Go as fast as he could and tried to calm her down, she didn’t know what to do.
Then she calls her best friend Alice York,and old friend from several years ago, and told her what had happened. The call was short; Alice was worried about her boyfriend Leon Kennedy, who had been missing since a week ago. Frightened by whatwas happening, she told Chris to call the police, who arrived immediately and asked Claire several questions about what had happened, but not any of the questions came to a conclusion, because shedidn’t knew what was happening. The police man took the package as evidence, and told Claire that the package would be tested, and that he would send other officers to watch her house.
The next daythere was still much confusion at Claire’s house. Last night, the package was taken to the morgue to do some tests to find out who was the owner of those hands. That afternoon she had gotten the resultsfrom the morgue, to her amazement, the tests gave a single name, Leon, Alice's boyfriend, immediately she called her friend to tell her that Leon was dead. Alice came home immediately. Claire told...
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