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TPS – Quick Assessment
(Click in Boxes to Type Responses)

Company Name:       Address:      

Your Name:      


1. What would you say is the “Constraint” of your companyright now?       Why?      

2. Approximately how much are you carrying in inventory?       FG       W.I.P
      Raw       Total # Days Inventory       Overall $ Amount

3. Do YouMake to Order Make to Stock Both

4. What % of:       Scrap       Rework are you experiencing?

5. What is the current lead-time for your bread & butter products?       measured in6. What % on time delivery do you normally achieve?      

7. Would you describe cash flow as “positive and increasing,“ or in some other way?

8. If you were to have a sudden glut of orderswould you be able to fulfill them?

9. How would you find additional capacity?      

10. Do you have parts sales or labor shortages?

11. What factor(s) impede production and on timedelivery most? General inefficiencies Too much automation Not enough automation Long setups/changeovers etc. Please List:      
12. Have you had layoffs: Recently Distant Past Never? Howdeep?      

13. What is your average annual employee turnover rate?      

14. Are setups/changeover times monitored? Yes No Under 10 minutes? Yes No

15. Do you have a QualitySystem in Place? Yes No Which System(s)?

16. What are your greatest concerns related to quality?      

17. Is employee safety incorporated into all aspects of your manufacturing system? YesNo

18. Have you ever attempted implementing Lean Manufacturing in the past? Yes No

19. What were the results of your Lean efforts?      

20. What is most important to yourcustomers after excellent quality? Short Lead-time
On-time Delivery Price Reductions Product Innovation etc.

21. What could your company do in the next several months to become more...
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