Cultura china

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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2011
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Javier Zepeda González
December 2011
Tshingua Universit
Beijing, China
China culture and history
Principio del formulario
Talking about Chinaand its culture, which today has become popular in the world for martial arts, medicine, food, porcelain, silk and lots of other things, think of something distant, secretive, grandiose, town ofmagic. And is that the world's most populous country, 1200 million people and one of the largest, has the primacy of being the only independent nation that has survived over five millennia. It is also themost economically developed in the last 20 years.

The Chung Kuo, or Middle Kingdom as they called themselves, began with Neolithic cultures along its rivers (Yellow and Blue).
Shang Dynasty comeswith prompt regression feudal empires were formed as Theocratic Irrigation. Ideographic script is used. All life is dominated by the worship of ancestors, the governing principle of nature TAO.
Inthe sixth century and V are produced social world wars of the serfs against their feudal lords.
Born in 551 KUNG TSE (Latinized as Confucius), teacher of morality and ethics based on altruism,tolerance and social harmony, duty and respect among men.
His contemporary, Lao-tzu is proposing a mystical doctrine based on the TAO (the whole) the origin and source of truth. In two areas: The YING,represents the cold, death, demons. Yang represents light, heat, life and beneficial spirits. Their thinking is in the code LI, 54 volumes. Pick up a complex ceremony presided over by the emperor. Insummary says, "Right faith, right living, right thinking." The calendar in harmony with nature and sets out in detail what must be done to combat this achievement of forces.
With the Chin dynastycentralized state is achieved introducing a reform in weights and measures, currency and writing. His most
Wuan QUINSHI representative is genuine or first emperor, immortalized in his bunker...
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